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We provide 24/7 lockout and roadside services in San Marcos, Tx and the surrounding areas. Call us for prompt assistance.

Service call starts at $25


Service call fee is the initial cost of service and does not reflect total cost of service. Additional fees WILL apply!

ErrBeeZoo 24/7 Lockout & Roadside Services provides compassionate, reliable, and affordable car solutions. We aim to prompt change in the industry by offering prompt service, ensuring your car troubles are efficiently resolved


person holding car door
person holding car door
black and brown handle hand tool
black and brown handle hand tool
a person kneeling next to a white car with doors open
a person kneeling next to a white car with doors open

Accidents happen more than you would think. Even with todays technology lockouts are still a common issue. Our Certified technicians can get you back in your car in a matter of minutes.

Has your car stalled due to a dead battery? Our technicians can get you back on the road in no time with an onsite battery jump or replacement if needed. We can test your battery on the spot to check if your battery is worth saving.

Have you become immobile, due to a pesky nail or obstruction causing your tire to deflate? We got you covered. Our technicians can swap your tire out with a spare onsite or temporarily repair your tire if salvageable.

Basic Auto Maintenance

Do you have a non-emergency and don't feel like leaving your home? Our technicians will come right to your door for all of your basic car maintenance needs,(tire replacement, oil change, coolant flush, air filter change, wieldshield wiper replacement, gas cap replacement, on top of many other services.

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